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Furthermore - SHOW YOUR SWEDISH REGULAR PHONE NUMBER WHEN CALLING HIM YOUR NEAR AND DEAR KNOW YOUR PHONE NUMBER SURFING CHEAP AND GOOD TRADITIONAL SMS DOES NOT TRANSMIT BUT BUT "IMESSAGE" (IPHONE) WORKS YOU IN NATURAL WAY If you are going out and traveling then you may want to be able to answer and even call on your mobile but avoid expensive phone bill when you get home? In that case, you can easily use this service. The call prices you pay correspond to Skype for your international calls as well as SEK 2 for Swedish mobile phones and SEK 20 for ordinary Swedish phones. For example, you pay if you are in: 1. Thailand SEK 1.06 to receive a call when someone calls your Swedish phone 2. The United States costs 21 cents if someone calls you on your Swedish phone Since our prices correspond to Skype for the sake of simplicity, it is advantageous to compare other destinations on Skype's website ( ------------- After registering your phone number and your email, you can immediately start using the service. We have "preloaded" your account with SEK 20 for you to call. It all works very easily and you just forward your regular phone to our central server in Sweden which then handles your calls to and from your regular phone. We will send a detailed instruction to your email after we have received your registration. There are 3 ways to forward your phone to your central number with us: Via Web service (your mobile operator's my pages service) Via the menu in your smartphone you select "call forwarding" By calling number (* 21) before you leave you call directly * 21 * 0123177177 # (all calls are diverted) Note that sometimes you can also choose which different redirects you want to enable