Nedan presenterar vi våra nyaste tjänster

Do you want to be able to have a phone that allows you to control and block people you don't want to talk to or maybe just anonymous numbers? Calls with a anonymous or an unfamiliar number who tries to call you will be directed into the "Trash" or alternatively be asked to present their anonymous number (anonymious numbers are often used by official officers) before forwarding a such call to you.
Calls are then connected directly to your mobile (or any phone) phone after having been approved by " your " filter .

If you have a phone number that you want to keep but do not really know what phone solution or operator to select right now. Then you can simply choose to park your number with us.
You can order directly in our store and fill out the registration form so that we can port your number to us and park it until you select your operator.

We are now accepting orders for a complete web-based Call Center Service that fits most lager as well as smaller organizations.
The technology is based on the latest WEB-RTC and all it takes is a modern browser and connection with the internet.
Some unique new features are new way to manage queues where each caller can be offered his own personal "queue-ticket" as well as "call matching" for returning customers
Please find out more here

Har du ditt mobiltelefonnummer på ditt visitkort? Då ringer troligtvis de flesta direkt till din mobil.
Allt fler ringer aldrig någons fasta anknytning utan istället direkt till mobiltelefonen. Med ett VIRTUELLT ALIAS MOBILT telefonnummer så kan du själv välja när du vill svara samt samt frihet att själv välja mobil teleoperatör.

Har du en Webb-site, Blogg eller något annat liknande och där du vill att dina kunder enkelt skall kunna ringa till dig?
Då kan du med fördel använda WEB-NUMBER som ger dig Enkelhet, Välkomstbesked, Öppettider och utan månadsavgifter

Med denna tjänst så kan du spara stora belopp när du är på resande fot.
Ditt ordinarie "hemmanummer" fungerar som vanligt men du slipper dyra roaming-kostnader och har friheten att själv bestämma hur du vill kunna surfa och ringa.